HOWTO: How do I configure Norton Internet Security to allow WorkgroupShare clients to synchronize?


Connections to your WorkgroupShare server fail even though the WorkgroupShare server is running.


This can occur when Norton Internet Security is installed on the WorkgroupShare server computer. Norton Internet Security includes a firewall that may be blocking connections to the WorkgroupShare server from the WorkgroupShare clients.


Add WorkgroupShare Server to the exclusions list so that Norton Internet Security allows these connections.


Note: Norton Internet Security (NIS) is a third party product and is not supported by Softalk. We provide these instructions based on our own tests with NIS 2007 to help customers configure NIS. We do not recommend you install NIS on a machine running WorkgroupShare server. We do not offer support for NIS. If you have any questions regarding NIS and it's configuration you should direct these at the appropriate support contact.

  1. Open the Norton Internet Security control panel by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Select the Norton Internet Security tab.

  3. Expand Settings, scroll down and click on "Internet Security and Firewall Options"

  4. Select "Program Control" under "Personal Firewall" on the left.

  5. Check the list of programs; if WorkgroupShare or WSService.exe is listed then please go to step 9
  6. If WorkgroupShare is not listed you need to add WorkgroupShare, to do this click on the "Add" button at the bottom.
  7. In the "Select a program" screen browse to the WorkgroupShare folder, this is normally C:\Program Files\WorkgroupShare. Select the WSService.exe file as shown and then click on "Open"

  8. In the "What do you want to do?" box please select "Allow" and then click on OK.

  9. Ensure that WSService.exe is listed and set to "Allow" as shown below.

  10. Now click on OK and close the Norton screen.


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Last updated: 25/06/2007 16:32:08

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