Folders from within the Shared Information folder have appeared at the outer level in the folders list.


  • Folders that should be contained within the Shared Information folder (folders shared by other users and public folders) may appear at the top level in Outlook alongside the default Outlook folders. Copies of these folders may also appear elsewhere within the Shared Information folder.
  • Synchronisation may not be happening correctly.


  • A user has dragged the folder out of the Shared Information folder
  • There was already a shared information folder in the PST file when the WorkgroupShare Client was installed
  • There is an Add-in conflict
  • The PST file may by corrupt


  1. If you have entered data into a folder that has not been synchronized to the server (nor to other clients) then make a backup copy of these folders.

  2. Uninstall the WorkgroupShare Client from the machine

  3. Delete any folders that do not belong to the local user, including the Shared Information Folder

  4. Check for add-in conflicts

  5. Rebuild the PST file (this step is optional but if the folders come back it will be necessary to repeat and include this step).

  6. Re-install the WorkgroupShare Client

  7. Restore any previously backed up data, as required.


  • All versions

Last updated: 28/09/2005 12:40:03

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