Other people can see my contacts' birthdays even though they do not have access to my calendar


Other people can see my contacts' birthdays in their calendar, even though they do not have access to my calendar.


It is very likely that this has happened as the result of a special feature in Outlook. If the birthday field is completed for one of the contacts, then this is automatically mirrored into the local calendar as an all day event.

If you share your contacts folder then your contacts will appear in a shared Contacts folder on the other WorkgroupShare clients that have been granted access. Outlook very cleverly takes the birthday information from all Contacts folders and adds this to the local calendar on the other clients. So, even though your calendar has not been shared, by sharing your contacts folder your birthday events will synchronize, in a roundabout way, to other computers.


To stop this happening you will need to do one of the following:-

  • Mark these contacts as private
  • Stop sharing your contacts folder
  • Stop entering the birthday information into the birthday field in your Contact entries


  • All versions

Last updated: 07/09/2005 12:00:33

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