WorkgroupShare will not synchronize file attachments


Applies to WorkgroupShare version 1 only

WorkgroupShare v1 does not synchronize file attachments. To synchronize attachments you must upgrade to WorkgroupShare v2.

Or, use the workaround suggested below.


  1. Create a network share accessible by all who need to access the file.
  2. Place the file into the network share, avoiding file/folder names with spaces.
  3. Create the appointment (or whatever item is required) with a link using the format as follows

    An example appointment text with a link might be:-

    You can read the minutes of last weeks meeting here \\servername\sharename\filename.txt

    Come prepared with the details of your completed actions.

  4. The text above will be faithfully synchronized to other clients
  5. Clicking the link will open the file listed in the link.


  • WorkgroupShare 1.x

Last updated: 07/09/2005 11:53:31

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