Can WorkgroupShare show the full item details in the log files and Output Window?


The log file shows <Data not shown> in place of the record information.


By default, the actual data transferred between client and server is not shown in the Output window in the administrator and is not recorded in the log files. The data is represented by <data not shown>.

In order to show the full item details, you need to do the following:-

WorkgroupShare v2
Open the Administrator and double click Settings. Select the Logging tab and tick the option 'Include Item Details'. Logging must be enabled for this option to be selected. Item details will now be included in the server logs. To enable item details in the client log files, click Tools, Share, Settings, Logging in Outlook. Set the 'Include Item Details' option in the same way as for the server logging.

WorkgroupShare v1
Make a change in the registry. Add a DWORD entry called OutputItemDetails to the following registry key. Note, you may need to first create the Advanced registry key.


You must set the value of OutputItemDetails to 1 to show the full item details. Note that the server must be running under the current user context for item details to be included in the logs. If running as a Windows service you may need to stop the service and run the WorkgroupShare server as an application by clicking Start, Run and browsing to the WSService.exe file in the WorkgroupShare installation folder.


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Last updated: 06/09/2005 12:18:52

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