How can I disable automatic synchronization?


It may be necessary to stop a client from synchronizing automatically with the WorkgroupShare server but to still allow manual synchronization.


Set the synchronization frequency to a high value, such as 1440 minutes (1 day) or 10080 minutes (1 week) or if you really do not wish to synchronize set it to 10512000 minutes (20 years). A value of zero will make the clients all repeatedly synchronize.

To re-establish a more frequent synchronization pattern the setting in the Administrator must be reset to the required value and each client must then be made to manually synchronize with the server.

In WorkgroupShare v2.1 and later, the clients can define their own synchronization frequency and schedule, which can override the settings on the server. In Outlook click Tools, Share, Settings, Update. Note that this option must first be enabled in the Administrator by double clicking Settings, and checking the box on the Updates tab.


  • All versions

Last updated: 06/09/2005 16:22:05

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