Is it possible to set Reminders on items in shared Calendar and Tasks folders?


Reminders can always be set on items in the default Calendar or Tasks folder but when setting a reminder on a non default Calendar or Tasks folder the following error message is displayed by Outlook

"The reminder for 'Appointment 1' will not appear because the item is not in your Calendar or Tasks folder. Is this OK?"

So, a reminder can be set on an item in a non default folder but it will never be displayed


Outlook does not display reminders set on items in non default folders. For this reason, WorkgroupShare v1 does not synchronize reminders set on such items. This avoids the possibility of multiple pop-up windows (as described above) when a folder with lots of reminders is shared to another WorkgroupShare client.


WorkgroupShare v2 now has the ability to synchronize reminders, avoiding the multiple pop up windows, when items with reminders are added to non default folders. This, for example, allows a secretary to add appointments with reminders to the Managers calendar. The reminders added will work as they are synchronized to a default folder in the Managers' Outlook.

If it is necessary to synchronize reminders then you will need to use WorkgroupShare v2 or later.


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Last updated: 06/09/2005 09:13:57

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