How does WorkgroupShare deal with items marked as Private?


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How does WorkgroupShare deal with items marked as Private?
Even though I have access, I do not see all records in a shared folder.


If an item is marked as Private in Outlook then this item will NOT be made available to others, regardless of the level of access.

If an Outlook folder is shared then all records within it will be shared up to the WorkgroupShare server by default. However, when the WorkgroupShare server distributes these records to other users it witholds private records, only sending them back to the owner. Other users will only see non private items, regardless of the level of access that they have to the shared folder.

This mechanism permits items marked as private to be shared between two copies of Outlook used by one user. It also allows the 'busy' times for a user to be known by the WorkgroupShare free/busy server, regardless of whether or not any appointments are marked as Private.


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Last updated: 07/09/2005 16:06:34

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