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Sharing Outlook Folders

WorkgroupShare makes it easy to share Outlook calendars, contacts, email, tasks and notes with each other. Not only can you share personal folders, it is also possible to create public folders, enabling your organization, or groups within your organization, to share contact lists or meeting room calendars.

Access control

WorkgroupShare provides you with full access control, letting you easily specify which members of staff can access specific data. For example, you might give everyone read access to the sales team's calendar and the public contacts folder, no access to the bosses calendar, except for the bosses secretary, who will have write access to the bosses calendar and access to his email. Access control is completely configurable through the easy-to-use administrator program.


WorkgroupShare is a scalable server that can provide collaboration to thousands of users. It may be used with the supplied JET database, or for much larger organizations may be used in conjunction with MS SQL Server, to provide greater storage and scalability.

Organizing meetings

You no longer need Microsoft Exchange Server in order to query free/busy times when organizing meetings. WorkgroupShare has its own Free/Busy Server, which has access to all WorkgroupShare user's calendar information. With WorkgroupShare, when you book a meeting in Outlook, inviting one or more local users to the meeting, you will be able to see exactly when each user is available to attend the meeting.

In short, WorkgroupShare gives you all the collaboration benefits, but at a fraction of the cost, of Exchange Server. Why not try it in your organization? Want to know more? Click on More Information below:

More information

Feature list
Share Outlook folders
Share calendars, contacts, tasks, email and notes, in Outlook, amongst selected members of staff, without Exchange.
Organize meetings
Find free/busy times for all users and organize meetings using Outlook but without Exchange.
Remote client deployment
Effortlessly roll out to the entire organization with the unattended installation feature.
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Share Outlook folders
Organize meetings
Access rights control
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