Softalk Mail Server


Softalk Mail Server is an easy to use, Windows-based, business class mail server, which can provide any size organization with secure and dependable messaging.

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Softalk Mail Server offers the scalability and richness of features necessary to meet your messaging requirements. It is an affordable mail server that is used by thousands of organizations around the world.

It provides the following powerful features, amongst others:

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The table below lists the features in Softalk Mail Server. Click on the links, where available, for more information on that feature.

General features
SMTP/POP3/IMAP compliant server
Send and receive mail to multiple ISPs
Ability to host own email (without an ISP)
Message archiving
Custom message routing
Anti-spam checking of messages through SpamCleanserSubscription option
General anti-spam functions
Virtual mailboxes
Full relay control
Public folders
Full content control
Mailing list features
LDAP server for looking up email addresses from client
Multiple quarantines with rules
Out of Office functionality
Access to email through Internet Explorer
Reporting features
Output windows showing all activity
Full event and protocol logging
Security features
IP Screening
SSL protocol communication
Account quotas and restrictions
Prevent users from using IMAP
Prevent users from using webmail
Prevent users from sending or receiving externally
Limit users' mailbox size
Account pruning
Runs on either JET or SQL Server database platform

More info

Find out more about the features of Softalk Mail Server and how it can benefit your organization.

Softalk Mail Server is a fully featured mail server, which can provide any size organization with secure and dependable messaging. To help combat increasing security threats to your email, Softalk Mail Server offers a comprehensive set of features to protect your organization from spam mail. Whether you are a large enterprise, hosting your own email, or a smaller organization, collecting mail from one or more ISPs, the Softalk Mail Server can provide everything you need to run a smooth and effective mail system.

Content filtering
As more and more organizations are being held responsible for the content of email messages sent out by their employees, companies are becoming increasingly eager to have some form of control over the content of both incoming and outgoing mail messages.

Softalk Mail Server makes this possible by using the built-in content filtering functionality. This can identify messages containing certain content and can perform appropriate actions, such as quarantining the message, stripping out the attachments from the message and adding the message recipients to a white list or black list. The content filter can also enable you to add commercial or legal disclaimers to every email sent out from your organization, all this helping you to protect your organization from lawsuits, loss of image and wasted company time.
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Spam filtering
Independent analysts have estimated that spam currently represents more than 65% of all email traffic and the figure is growing. Consequently, it is becoming more important than ever to protect your organization from the loss of staff productivity resulting from ever increasing amounts of unsolicited email. Softalk Mail Server provides very effective anti-spam tools for preventing unsolicited email from reaching your staff. In addition to its standard anti-spam features, Softalk Mail Server optionally uses SpamCleanser technology, a subscription service based on a learning algorithm, which can intelligently distinguish spam messages from legitimate email.
Click here for more information on spam filtering.

Softalk Mail Server is database-driven. This has many speed advantages over equivalent file-based mail servers. Additionally, it makes it possible to cluster several Softalk Mail Servers, all sharing the same message store, thus increasing scalability when required and providing redundancy during computer failure.
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