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This product is being discontinued. You can still purchase OfficeTalk if you wish on the understanding that you are aware there will be no development or support available at all for OfficeTalk. You will be made aware of this throughout the purchase process and there will be no refunds available if you decide to continue with your purchase knowing this.
Existing Customers;
Whilst this product is being discontinued if you have a maintenance contract in place we will continue to support you until the expiry of that contract. You can of course continue to use the product unsupported and undeveloped as your licence is perpetual.

OfficeTalk is an integrated Windows-based collaboration solution combining email, calendars, contacts, tasks and much more into one powerful yet easy to use program.

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OfficeTalk enables your entire organization to manage and share calendars, contacts and email. Furthermore, OfficeTalk lets you record and share communications made with your customers and suppliers, enabling your staff to become fully aware of all communication history.

It provides the following powerful features, amongst others:

Full email client with inbox sharing capability
Shared Personal Calendars & To-do's
Contact management
Customer Relationship Management
Includes Softalk Mail Server
Customizable and extensible through its API

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Free 30 day trial
Try OfficeTalk in your own organization, free for 30-days. We'll give you free support during your trial period and when you purchase, we'll also give you free email support for 60 days! Click here to download your free 30-day trial.

Learn more
To find out more about the features of OfficeTalk and how it can benefit your organization click here.

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